Everything you need to know about kitchen benches top

Kitchen benches are a vital part of the modern kitchens. it bears the brunt of all the activities that go on in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to know what type of kitchen benches you would like to have in your kitchen and what material it should be made of.

We understand there is a lot of choices one can make when it comes choosing the benchtop material. The variations in this genre are large and make it really confusing for us to get the right one. For, we happen to like all of it.

There will be a lot of suggestion about choosing the right one for your kitchen. Hence, we have taken the burden of making your choice easier for you. This will help you know what you are looking for and what type you would like to have in your kitchen, without getting confused when visiting the store.

The following list contains the best variety of bench choices you could choose from:

  • Bench Top Material – Stainless Steel

The advantages of this product are quite amazing if you ask. It is not only reasonably priced, but there is also a huge range of variation to it. Apart from the general advantages, you can have over this product is the fact that it is heat resistant and can withstand impact damage. However, since this product is made of stainless steel, it happens to have a subtle shine to it. therefore, if there are scratches on them, it would be easily visible.

  • Bench Top Material – Natural Granite

Natural granite is the most sought-after material for kitchen bench tops. The advantages of this product are unmatchable. Primarily, it is heat resistant and is highly compact, hence it can withstand impact damage. Since it is of a dark colour, dirt and scratches are far from being noticed. The disadvantages of this product are, if you are looking for rare colours, the product might get a little expensive than the usual.

  • Bench Top Material – Timber

Timber is loved by all. it gives the kitchen bench a natural colour and feels to it. Usually, the timber bench tops are used as a highlight with other bench top materials for its warm colour tone. However, it is the most expensive material among the various materials. Also, the fact that timber has low resistance to getting bruises is a matter of concern. Although, people still prefer timber bench top over anything else.

  • Bench Top Material – High-Pressure Laminate Formica, Wilsonart, Laminex

The advantages of having this bench top material for your kitchen is, it is cost effective and provides a huge variation in colour. Colour variations range over 300 to be precise. However, the kitchen bench top is prone to heat and impact damage. Which could be an issue for most of the users.

There you have it all, the best four materials that can be used in your kitchen. The kitchen benches NZ market has to provide are amazing. Hopefully, we have been able to narrow down your choices and save your time.