Introducing the different types of excavators Machines


An excavator is a heavy duty machine that is used mostly in construction sites. It is mainly used for digging and moving large objects. Other than that, it also searches many other purposes as well. An excavator is perhaps the most expensive equipment that is used by construction companies. Speaking of excavators, then different types of excavators are available out there. Each of the types is known to perform certain specific tasks. If you are hiring an excavator, you will have to first select the type depending on your work requirements. Construction, landscaping, demolition, material handling, and river dredging are some of the main tasks that are performed by different types of excavators. If you are planning to hire an excavator for your task then you should contact a good excavator hire company.

Types of excavators

There are three main types of excavators that we are going to take a look into. We will also be discussing the functions of each of the types in brief.

  1. Suction excavators: These are also known as vacuum excavators. This type of excavators equipped with a long suction pipe which is used to suck in loose debris and soil. The machine also features sharp teeth at the edge of the suction pipe. Suction excavators are mainly used in places where safe and careful exploration of important underground elements required.
  2. Crawler Excavators: These types of excavators are also known as compact excavators. These excavators are known to have high horsepower and are mainly used for heavy duty purposes and mining. With the help of this heavy-duty machine, you can easily lift up soil and debris. The machine makes use of hydraulic power mechanisms. These excavators prove to be the best when it comes to landscaping and grading in the hilly areas. There is very less risk of these machines to slide down from the hill and the credit goes to its versatile framework.
  3. Backhoe: This is perhaps the most common type of excavator that you may come across. This particular type of excavator is not only used for excavation purposes, but it also has several other uses as well. A backhoe machine comes with a bucket attached that is faced towards the driver. The bucket is used to extract soil. This is why it is commonly used for excavating soil for mining purposes and also at construction sites. It is also used for unloading waste in various dump sites. Thus, you can say that it has many uses. These machines are usually a bit smaller in size when compared to the other types of excavators out there.


  1. Dragline Excavators: This is a heavy duty machine that is very big in size. These types of machines are mainly used for large-scale operations. These machines are so big and heavy in size that can even damage the road which is why they are transported to its destination in parts. They are assembled once they reach the site.


Well, these are the main types of excavators that are used by construction and mining companies. These machines are very helpful in getting the work done.



How to choose a safe place to get yourself inked?


Tattoos are a very common style and fashion statement these days. People of all ages get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some may consider it a part of their style/fashion, some may see it as a way to express one’s feelings, some may like the beautiful designs that the tattoo artists are able to draw while some may get a tattoo just for experimenting. Whatever may the reason be, getting a tattoo done is often pretty exciting and to serve you, several Auckland tattoo studios have been established in the recent years.

Why is it important to choose a safe place?

With the rise in the number of people getting tattoos, the problems associated with them have also increased drastically. Since during tattooing the top layer of the skin is pricked with a number of needles, unhygienic procedures can increase the risk of diseases like Hepatitis B, tetanus, Hepatitis C, etc. that can be very serious or even fatal. So, before you get a tattoo, ensure that the entire procedure is going to be safe.

How to ensure safe tattooing?

Before choosing one from the number of Auckland tattoo studios available, it is important to consider the following:

  • First and foremost, ensure that the tattoo artist that you are planning to go to is licensed and trained. This will ensure that he/she follows the proper standards and procedures of tattooing. This can reduce the risks to quite an extent.
  • You can also check out with your local health department about the sanctioning of a particular tattoo studio. If a service is accredited, the chance of getting a tattoo safely increases significantly.
  • The studio must be dry and preferably a closed one to lower the chances of contamination and infection.
  • Ensure that the artist wears fresh disposable gloves every time he/she creates a tattoo. Also, check out whether the gloves are actually disposed of or they are reused. Avoid a shop if they are reused.
  • Find out whether the needles that are being used for the tattoo come from perfectly sealed containers.
  • The pigments being used must be completely new as well.
  • Also, find out the source of the ink being used by the studio. Some Auckland tattoo studios use inks containing solvents and metals that aren’t regulated by the FDA. Avoid such inks.
  • All equipment that isn’t disposable must be properly sterilized. Every tattoo studio must have an industry-standard sterilization machine suitable for the purpose and all items must undergo strict sterilization before reuse.
  • Not only should the equipment be clean, the studio must be clean and hygienic as well. Blood drops often come out during the inking process and if the studio isn’t cleaned daily with proper disinfectants, you may fall prey to blood-borne illnesses.

Following the above-mentioned guidelines while picking the best Auckland tattoo studios can be really helpful in ensuring that you can get a tattoo safely without the fear of putting yourself at the risk of long-term diseases. Some small steps at the very start can save you a lifetime of problems.