Understanding Google Adwords Ad Rotation

In Google Adwords nz one of the campaign settings which can be customized is ad rotation. This setting
will automatically rotate the ads within an ad group on the display and search network. Adwords software
will accomplish the difficult task of choosing the ads which perform best or rotate the ads uniformly. The
advertiser takes the final decision on which ad should be highlighted. This tutorial will review the various
settings for ad rotation and also help the advertiser choose the most effective setting based on his
strategy for the ad campaign.

Ad rotation settings
In the Adwords update of September 2017, Google announced that they will provide only two settings,
rotate indefinitely and optimize instead of the original four settings. The Optimize option now combines
Optimizing for Clicks and Optimizing for conversions. The rotate evenly option available earlier will be
removed. It is also now possible to rotate the ads at the campaign or group level. A detailed explanation
is provided below.

Optimizing ads
The optimized setting for ad rotation will automatically optimize the ads by rotating them to generate the
maximum amount of clicks. For this Google has used its well known advanced artificial intelligence (AI)
and machine learning technology. Adwords will automatically select the best ads for every auction after
analyzing the contextual information which is provided like

  • Device used for internet browsing
  • Location of the user, and his intention
  • Time and day of the week
  • Features of the ad and re-marketing
  • Language of search query and demographics of user
  • Keywords used for the search query, advertisement
  • whether a partner of the search network is used, placement of the ad, site behavior
  • features of the product or service being sold.

Discontinued Optimized for clicks
As mentioned earlier, the optimize for clicks was replaced by the new optimize setting. Advertising using
the click optimization setting will be automatically switched to the new Optimize setting. This Clicks
optimization was the default setting for Adwords, to display ads which would generate the most clicks. For
video advertising, this setting would ensure that Adwords optimized the ads the the highest video view
rates. This optimization setting was based on the historical click data available. It favored the ads which
earlier had the best click through rates(CTR). Consequently new advertising for which no historical data

was available was not considered. This limitation is overcome in the new Optimize settings, which uses
more factors to consider which ads are of of high quality.

Discontinued optimization for conversions
Like Conversion optimization setting was also replaced by the Optimize setting. Advertisers using
conversion optimization will be automatically switched to the new Optimize option. For the conversion
options, Adwords would choose the ad which would had the highest conversion rate, where the customer
was most likely to complete the signup form, make a purchase or perform the desired action. This setting
also used historical information, so it only used ads which had high conversion rates in the past. This
setting focused on increasing total conversions for the ads, the conversion rate or value were ignored.

Indefinite ad rotation
This setting will rotate the ads uniformly for an indefinite period of time till the ad budget is exhausted.
Each of the ads is entered in the same number of auctions so that A/B testing for the ads can be
conducted to find the best performing ads. This gives the advertiser more control over what he wishes to
optimize. This option is most suitable for analytical Google Adwords nz advertisers who wish to focus on
optimizing for a specific goal. Based on the amount spent advertising, it may be possible to obtain enough
data to decide which advertisement is performing best to adjust the placement and bidding for ads
It should be noted that all ads will not perform uniformly, their performance will depends on the quality
score and other auction bids.

Discontinued rotate evenly
The September 2017 also discontinued the rotate evenly setting and advertisers automatically switched
to optimize setting. The setting was similar to the new “rotate indefinitely” option with a few differences.
Adwords would earlier automatically optimize the ad every 90 days. Conversion based campaigns using
target CPA, Target Return on advertising, enhanced CPC were optimized to maximize conversions, while
other campaigns tried to maximize clicks.Now advertising should continue using smart bidding to get the
best results.

Setting up Ad rotation in Adwords
Some steps in setting up ad rotation for Adwords are

  • Open Adwords and click on an ad campaign
  • Click the settings tab
  • Then scroll down to the “additional settings” in campaign, to access the options like ad rotation and
    frequency capping
  • edit the ad rotation options to select the rotation type
  • then save the rotation type

The advertiser can choose different options for ad rotation based on their goals when working with
google adwords nz. Optimization systems use Google’s machine learning, AI technology to predict the
ad which will perform best, while rotate indefinitely, will rotate ads evenly and does not incorporate any
automatic optimization.

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